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win, win64, mac, mac64, vst2.x

Hi there,
A lot of people wanted it. And here it is:
As of version 1.0.3 VSTForx supports the 64-bit architecture.

So thats it?

With the 64-bit version you are able to load 64-bit VST plugins, thats all. It is currently not possible to use 32-bit plugins within your 64-bit version. This "bridge" feature requires a technique which I previously introduced as "Remote Access".

So what comes next?

  • Addon: Remote Access
  • Addon: VSTForx Bridge

Stay tuned!

"Herr Mueller's DX7" has some major issues on MacOSX. So it can be that it is impossible to sending MIDI data to your device. Unfortunately the problems seems to be related to the MacOSX Java implementation. So there is nothing what I can do to fix this.

Maybe that it works with an older or future version of Java, feel free to check that out and leave your results.