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This update fixes a bug which occurs when using plugins with more than one input.
Also a new feature is now available:

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RemoteChannel. This plugin is a great extension for an exsiting VSTForx setup. It allows you to send audio and parameter data into your VSTForx instances. It costs 7 EUR and is free for all PreRelease supporters. A fully functional demo is availabe.

RemoteChannel features

  • send audio data from any VST channel on your machine to your VSTForx plugs
  • hook in automation data from other VST channels into your VSTForx chain
  • exchange audio and parameter data between VSTForx instances

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This update fixes a latency compensation issue which occurs after loading a preset.

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Remote Channel allows you to add further audio sources from arbitrary locations. Just insert the Remote Channel sender plugin into any audio channel and receive the audio stream in your VSTForx instances.